It focuses on optimizing the development time and resources, eliminating unnecessary procedures and functions, and delivering only that version of the products, which meets the customers’ core demands. In this article, we will discuss one such groundbreaking concept that has reshaped the IT industry and contributed to the success of many companies we see today. Almost all top software development companies use different types of top software development methodologies to create software as per requirements. Using Lean software development aims to remove waste from the engineering process and maximize customer value delivery. Lean software development also puts the focus on people inside an organization, actively promoting shared leadership.

what is lean software development

Arun Batchu is a Vice President, Analyst in the Software Engineering practice. He helps software engineering leaders build their software design, development, and people strategies. This might be manual and/or automated testing, depending on the QA process of the team. This ensures that the software functions as intended and meets the defined requirements. In this phase the software will undergo testing to make sure it’s free of errors and bugs before it reaches production and the user. This phase involves determining the project scope, goals, and requirements together as a team.

Best Practices for Effective Custom Software Maintenance

We can list the pros and cons of any software development process approach. Pair programming, sometimes known as “two heads better than one,” is a concept in software engineering. After each short iteration, project managers hold regular meetings (one of the Lean development practices) to identify and eliminate waste. Many companies have successfully implemented Lean outside of Toyota, and the methodology is expected to continue to enjoy widespread growth in the developer community. This article provides a comprehensive guide on what is Lean software development, its definition, the difference between lean and agile, the key principles and benefits of lean technology. Mary and Tom Poppendieck used the term Lean software development in the book they published by the same name in 2003.

what is lean software development

Lean Development is a powerful approach to developing software, but it isn’t without its drawbacks. Cubix’s mobile solutions are lauded for their innovation and performance across platforms whereas their web development is both immersive and responsive. And if you are diving into the world of pixels and Play, Cubix has a name for being the best game creator. In fact, they are at the forefront of crafting immersive AR and VR experiences. Founded in 2008, this US-based company has earned a good name in the UAE market over the years. In essence, Cubix is a digital powerhouse with a deep-rooted ethos of innovation and excellence.

Benefits of the SDLC

Combined with the removal of process waste, this increases the team’s efficiency levels. Lean thinking is a philosophy that emerged in the manufacturing sector in the 1950s as a reaction to the traditional project management, linear production method known as waterfall. Lean thinking revolutionized manufacturing before spreading to other disciplines such as management techniques and software development. Lean thinking is where Lean development, Lean management, Lean UX, and Lean startup were formed. Once the plan is implemented, the lean team begins the testing process, which helps the developers to deliver products to customers on time. Let’s now delve deep into how developers align the principles of lean manufacturing with the lean software development cycle to be able to use it successfully.

You will be able to create a high-quality product in a short period that meets your customers’ needs and wants. As the software development landscape continues to evolve, so too do the methodologies that software development companies use to create and deliver products to customers. One of the most popular approaches in recent years is the agile movement where we have all these various methods that follow the Agile way. A central emphasis of lean software development is efficiency, constant improvement and elimination of waste.

What are The 7 Lean Software Development Principles?

The Lean methodology helps engineers by pushing them to continuously improve their work and decrease bugs in the code. This way, Lean allows teams to work more efficiently without worrying about mistakes made later in development. Seeing how Toyota’s lean approach was improving efficacy, time and cost management, and maximizing customer value, many other manufacturing teams — across a range of industries — started to follow suit.

It applied the seven Lean principles to software engineering and the development process. In the era of rapid technology evolution, it is not the biggest that survives, but the fastest. The sooner the end product is delivered without major defects, the sooner feedback can be received, and incorporated into the next iteration. The shorter the iterations, the better the learning and communication within the team. Speed assures the fulfilling of the customer’s present needs and not what they required yesterday.

Phase 5: Testing

Lean software development is based on building a simple solution to provide quality products to the customer and enhance continuous improvement based on customer feedback. Though every team wants to build high-quality products, it is easier said than done. However, many development teams create waste in trying to maintain quality, often through excessive logging of defects and testing. A project that is wide in scope, restricted by resources, but has a long runway for delivery what is lean software development could be a good fit for lean methods — since you can optimize at every point to streamline costs and reduce waste. A project that is business critical, somewhat limited in scope, and must be delivered in a tight timeframe may be better suited to agile methods that emphasize rapid iteration based on user feedback. Lean development is a methodology that was first applied to manufacturing, but is now being applied to management, UX, startups, and to software development.

what is lean software development

Knowing the Lean software development principles helps you adopt Lean thinking and focus your operations on continuous improvement. Understanding and practicing each of the Lean development principles can enhance the value delivery capabilities of your company, so customers remain satisfied with your products or services. Furthermore, it can help your organization reduce project risks in software development while increasing the profitability of the solutions you release. Every organization wants to build quality into their work, and efficient quality management is one of the key principles in lean development methodology. In trying to ensure quality, many teams actually create waste through excessive testing of code or mistakes in logging and resolving them, which takes time and pushes development costs higher.

What is the difference between Lean and Agile?

Corrective maintenance is the type of maintenance that addresses the issues that can affect the design, code, and logic of your application. When the software is in use, bug reports are automatically generated to allow quality assurance engineers to spot these problems. Software maintenance covers all the measures taken to counter unexpected issues such as crashes and security concerns.

  • In fact, optimization will considerably save time since each stage of the development will be done based on deadlines.
  • After quick implementation, the customer will immediately know whether the implemented part of the product is what he thought about or whether the customer’s needs were not correctly read.
  • Lean encourages excellent communication within the team, so each member’s opinion can significantly influence the final result.
  • This kind of maintenance covers all aspects related to the deterioration of a software solution as ages.
  • The main difference between Lean and Agile is that the former focuses on building continuous flow within processes while the latter on iterating the release of functionalities to the market.
  • It was a direct response to single-pass software development methodologies where requirements are defined at the start of the development process and projects are completed in sequential phases.

On the other hand, agile is a set of principles to develop software iteratively and deliver value increments. Lean methodology is a very flexible tool that can optimize various processes. In the case of software development, it covers everything from communication with stakeholders to project management and improvement of code quality.

Lean Development Methodology Principles

As long as your software is being used, it is always going to need improvements and fixes here and there. However, the real purpose cannot be fulfilled without the guarantee of ongoing software maintenance. The benefits of custom software maintenance extend beyond resolving testing issues; they involve making meaningful changes that have a real impact.

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