Avast Antitrack Premium is an effective privacy tool that protects you from online tracking, hiding your digital fingerprint and securing your operating system. It is a security program which combines antivirus and security software with tools to fight hackers as well as ransomware, spyware threats and phishing scams. It also provides security features such as firewalls that protect networks and offers core shields which protect you from attempts to hack.

Avat antitrack Premium uses a powerful malware-detection engine which scored 100 percent in my assessments. It also includes additional security tools, such as a password and username management tool, a home networking scanner and a VPN and a security adviser which adjusts privacy settings on social media sites. Its small and easy to use design makes it an ideal option for those who are concerned about their online privacy.

The software blocks companies from tracking your browsing behavior to build a profile about your online preferences and purchase behaviour. It also shields users from ‘fingerprinting’ methods that can identify your browser by its settings and then use to track your activity on the web. Our anti-tracking system can prevent websites from tracking the hardware of your computer to target specific data room experience ads and display jacked-up prices for products you’ve studied.

Avast Antitrack Premium is different from the typical VPN. It cannot be used to secure and protect of your connections over public Wi-Fi, or for hiding your location. However it can block ads trackers without altering the look of websites or blocking access to vital functions. It can also be used to look over external storage for malware, and the application can be used on multiple devices at once without affecting performance.

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