A digital platform, or an investment data room, allows investors to review documents related to the company. This tool can accelerate due diligence and aid founders demonstrate professionalism and transparency towards potential investors.

Having a professional-grade virtual deal room may also help with tracking and reporting on the activity of investors. A VDR can provide you with an overview of usage statistics which will inform you how often and from where your information is access.

The most important documents a startup can include in their investor data room are legal documents, financial projections, and business model presentations. This information will provide a solid overview of the company and provide investors with an idea of how well the startup is performing.

Other crucial documents that startups should include in the investor data room include a pitch deck and a whitepaper. These documents can be used to outline the issue your product solves, the way you’ve vetted the market and how your product/service can be effective in solving the problem.

The founders ought to also think about creating separate investor data rooms depending on the stage in the time they communicate with potential investors. This way, you’ll be able to restrict the amount of information you share at any given time, and only share the most relevant documents. This can be beneficial in establishing trust among investors, as you’ll only share details you think are important to the investor.


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