Data room confidential mode is a tool for security that blocks unauthorised users of gaining access to your personal data. It permits the manager of an information space to restrict the use of the space for digital data by a specific user according to their Internet Protocol address or system. This is particularly crucial for M&A transactions where sensitive information, such as research results and copyrighted items, may be shared.

Monitor user activity with ease using audit trails. This includes who looked at which files, the date and time they were downloaded, and the content that was deleted.

With fence view and the view only mode, you can browse documents in a secure environment. These features ensure that your sensitive information stays protected by prohibiting users from printing or saving, downloading, or taking screenshots of documents. This feature guarantees that, even in the event that a user accidentally releases sensitive documents, the original file will not be removed from the VDR.

A dependable VDR service will allow you to create granular permissions for each folder and file within the data room. You can limit who is able to access the documents, set time limits, and limit the downloading of entire folders as well as specific users within the data room. You can also set up a secure link that only the user who has been invited is able to access the documents stored in the data room.

The most effective data rooms will include a range of tools to aid in managing document sharing and protect your data using the 256-bit encryption that is used both in transit and at rest, and manage access permissions using two-factor authentication. They also offer an extensive range of file formats as well as a search function that makes it easy to locate any doc in the data room.

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